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Henry the Ghost!

Meet the Investigators...

Core Team:

Kathleen Morton -
    Kathleen is the founder and lead investigator for Lock Haven Paranormal Seekers.  The purpose of forming LHPS was to find proof of the existence of the paranormal, and give peace of mind to those who are having unexplained happenings in their home or business, whether paranormal or not.   Kathleen has been able to travel and explore various haunted locations to include Gettysburg and Loevestein Castle in the Netherlands . Kathleen has been to numerous training seminars over the last two years and has experience in EVP’s, EMF readings, equipment usage, investigative skills, debunking skills and other areas of paranormal investigations. She was able to attend the Univ-Con and has taken numerous seminars offered by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, as well as Ryan Buell and Patrick Burns.

Lou Bernard -
   As curator of the Clinton County Historical Society, Lou provides the team with research, survival, and historical skills. When not with LHPS, he spends his time tracking down old legends of ghosts, monsters, and buried treasure. He writes for Lycoming/Clinton Woman Magazine, and has a degree in education and a minor in psychology from Lehigh County Community College. Lou also runs a group for abused teens.  He currently lives in a haunted house (featured in the Lock Haven Express) and offers his experience in documenting the history of homes. He lives in Lock Haven and is thirty-nine. His goal is to be forty.  

Theresa Brundage-
    Theresa has always had an interest in the paranormal. She haslived in Clinton County since 1994, but comes from a military family, which allowed her the opportunity to travel. She has visited reportedly haunted locations in New Orleans , Salem , Gettysburg , Seattle , Germany , and England .  Theresa is our technical manager and brings herexcellent skills as an investigator, offering leadership and professionalism.

Ailish Brundage-
Ailish has had a strong intrest in the paranormal from a very young age, possibly stemming from a few too many ghost-stories-as-bedtime-stories as a child. She has had the chance to visit reportedly haunted places in Gettysburg and Salem and works for the team as web designer and photography specialist. She currently attends school at Edinboro University and sits in on meeetings vis webcam.

Jen Geary-
Jen is the secretary and spiritualist for LHPS.  She has lived in the Lock Haven area most of her life, and also lived in Reading, PA for 5 years.  Jen has had an interest in the paranormal and unknown since childhood stemming for past and present experiences.  These experiences prompted her to try to find answers to the unexplained.  Jen joined the group to expand her knowledge of the unexplained and had a willingness to help others that have experiences.  She is always seeking answers if they be paranormal or not.  Jen loves history and loves to learn about old legends and stories.  Jen brings the willingness to learn, the willingness to explore the unknown, and she brings her open-mind to the group,  She is the mother of two wonderful boys and is an advocate for children with Autism and other special needs.  Jen also enjoys traveling and has traveled to several states and visited a few historical places.


Millie Crawford-
Millie has been interested in ghosts since childhood when she had her forst paranormal experience. She has lives in a few houses that have had "unexplained happenings" and likes to explore the unknown, especially with her fellow investigators. She is a grandmother of four and step-grandmother of five.


Supporting Members:

Karen S. Fye
Karen is currently working as a Police Officer and brings with her the tools of the trade in investigation and observation.  Karen has several years experience as a professional photographer, and experience in EMF's, camera equipment, and computer skills.
She is well traveled and has lived in Scotland while her father was serving in the US Air Force.  While in Scotland, she became interested in the supernatural and the unknown from hearing the folklore of the people of the communities. Scotland offered a great deal of mystery and lore in a country that never ages. While living in Oklahoma, her interest was expanded by spending time and living near an American Indian reservation.  

In 1995, Karen experienced a full body apparition of a young girl, and believed it to be a real person.  Her husband was standing next to her and swears he did not see the young girl.  This convinced her that the paranormal exists and increased her interest in seeking the unknown to help others who fear it or need peace


Kara Barnett -
    Kara has always has an interest in ghosts. Stemming from several different personal experiences as a child and pre-teen, investigating the paranormal is something she developed a serious interest in a few years ago.  Kara has been investigating professionally for various groups for the past year and brings her investigative skills, as well as research skills to LHPS.


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